How does it work?

Easy to Use

Enroll your patients in minutes either in the office or remotely. Cellular connected devices make setup a simple process.

Monitor & Engage

Our solution enables providers to continually track vitals and physiological parameters between visits.  This helps to engage patients and enables timely clinical intervention for effective chronic disease management.

Customized Care.

Our patient-centered approach paired with analytics and patient engagement leads to tailored care based on patient conditions and comorbidities.




Engaging patients to
improve quality of care.

Patient data you need. Anywhere, anytime. Now there is a way.

By tapping into your patient’s real-time vital data FocusMD automates care by identifying at-risk patients and providing digital triage to higher levels of care for those patients.

  • Monitor data in real-time and manage chronic conditions between visits.
  • Strengthens communications to empower provider-patient relationships.
  • Keep patients healthy at home while improving collaboration across care settings.

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Our purpose-built solution drives unprecedented access to care, enhances patient access delivers better care coordination, optimizes your telehealth initiatives, improves the consumer experience, and delivers better outcomes.

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