Be Intentional. Let’s fix healthcare together!

We put the provider back at the forefront of their practice & empower them to deliver quality patient care.

At FocusMD, we believe that there is a better way to deliver quality patient care. We’ve learned how to leverage technology in ways that enable doctors to be better at what they do. When you partner alongside our team, we help you provide your patients with unparalleled transparency and empower you to do more with less by focusing on what matters.

We Help Your Practice Succeed

We start this process with excellence in the two core essentials to any healthy medical practice; practice management and billing. Our Medical Software Management team will help you get the most out of your Practice Management and EHR software so that you can redefine meaningful use. Our Revenue Cycle Management team will show you why your reimbursements have been decreasing over the years and improve your efficiency in getting paid for the quality care that you provide.

Once we have the fundamentals back on track we will add in a whole new element with our Population Health Management team. Our team of clinical experts will give you insight into your patients that you have never had before. Insight that will allow you to coordinate care with other providers, improve patient engagement, compliance and drive quality outcomes that will help your practice grow.

Are your patients at the center of your process?

We recognize the impact of a well designed, targeted patient-centered approach. Let FocusMD be the positive change your practice needs to ensure high-quality, efficient, effective valued-based care. We are committed to improving outcomes, optimizing efficiencies and increasing revenue. Contact us today so that we can show you how.